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Jet Cards

US Jetways' Jet Card is a cost-effective solution for frequent flyers who needs privacy, speed and exemplary reliability. US Jetways' dependability and commitment to customer satisfaction are qualities that made us one of the leading ground transportation companies in the country. And now, we are bringing it all beyond that – up into the air.


  • No Fuel surcharges, No Insurance Fees, No landing charges
  • Access to a worldwide fleet of powerful aircrafts which forms a part of Part 135 Certified pilots and aircraft
  • Enjoy guaranteed availability subject to four hours of notice
  • Choice of aircraft includes props, jets, helicopters
  • Enjoy the advantages of personalized flying without the commitments of ownership and burden of the depreciating value of the aircraft
  • Utilize up-to-date, well-maintained aircrafts within the U.S. and Europe

Whether it is 12.5 hours or 500 hours of flying that you need per year, US Jetways' astonishingly flexible Jet Card offers you a more cost-effective way to experience ownership of a private aircraft without the burden of maintaining and auditing the craft. In the face of our ever-changing economy, flying is inevitable and US Jetways' Jet Card could be the just the answer you've been looking for. Our sales consultants are ever-ready to share details of available packages with you.

Features of Jet Charter Cards

US Jetways provides to members a card membership program for a variety of aircraft upon payment of a deposit. The deposit amount varies according of prepaid hours of the membership. When a member requests an aircraft the USJ then supplies the required plane to meet the needs of the client’s trip from a pool of aircraft requested by the client. Members pay agreed flat hourly rates for flight time which are deducted from their deposit. These locked in hourly rates vary according to aircraft size and potentially whether a trip is one way or round trip. The deposits are also refundable.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the primary advantages of the charter card is the cost factor. Compared to fractional prepaid cards and fractional aircraft ownership, charters are more cost effective, especially for people who require less than 500 hours of flight time per year. Other benefits include not having to compete with fractional owners for the use of the fractional fleet. As a result, USJ offer 365 day guaranteed availability, typically on 4 hours notice. It's usually very easy to upgrade or downgrade and book different sized aircraft and USJ offers a full service concierge to arrange all your travel needs. If you charter aircraft several times a year, a charter card can save you the hassle of finding a plane and negotiating rates each time you want to fly. Charter cards also offer all the standard advantages of flying privately.

The disadvantage is the cancellation of a trip or one way must be 48 hours prior to the trip.

Security and Safety

USJ adhere to Part 135 of FAA regulations. Planes are operated under industry specific security and safety standards. There is an average of two pilots per plane, and extensive security checks for pilots and ground staff prior to hiring. USJ a the charter card company has additional safety and security standards over and above the FAA's.

Who Should Use One

Jet charter cards primarily benefit people who do not fly a flexible number of hours every year. They provide a lot of flexibility and offer several unique benefits which have contributed to their popularity. These include no long term contracts and no monthly management fees. They allow individuals or businesses to maximize their productivity and improve their image, without tying up large capital amounts in executive aircraft.
Now is your chance to get your hands on US Jetways' Jet Card which works as a type of prepaid Jet Debit Card offering 25 hours of flight time on an aircraft of your choice. The best part of this deal is that the card comes with a money-back guarantee!

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