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US Jetways' International Jet Card is a cost-effective solution for frequent flyers who needs privacy, speed and exemplary reliability. These cards are available on all light, mid and heavy jets.US Jetways' Jet card service dependability is delivered with commitment to customer satisfaction. USJ Jet card qualities make us the most flexible private air and ground transportation company in the country. And now, we are bringing it all beyond that – up into the air.

Whether it is 12.5 hours or 500 hours of flying that you need per year on your card, US Jetways' astonishingly flexible Private Jet Cards offers you the most cost-effective way to experience ownership of a private aircraft without the burden of maintaining and auditing the aircraft. In the face of our ever-changing economy, flying is inevitable and US Jetways' Jet Cards are just the answer you've been looking for. Our sales consultants are ever-ready to share details to how USJ can tailor a specific 25 Hour Jet Card Program for you today. Call now 1-855-710-0287


  • No Fuel surcharges, No Insurance Fees, No landing charges, Jetcard cost only
  • Access to a worldwide fleet of newly manufactured aircrafts flown under Part 135 certified pilots and aircraft
  • Enjoy guaranteed availability of your Private Jet Card, subject to four hours of notice
  • Choice of aircraft includes props, jets, helicopters, all deductable from your cards balance
  • Enjoy the advantages ownership with 25 Hour Jet Cards without the commitments of ownership and burden of the depreciating value of the aircraft
  • Utilize up-to-date, well-maintained aircrafts within the U.S. as well as Internationally



US JETWAYS –25 HOUR JET CARD acts as a type of prepaid debit Jet Card worth up to 25 hours of occupied flight time giving you access to world-class business jet aircraft without the commitment of ownership. The price of a multi-year 25-Hour Pre-paid Jet Card starts at $99,000** in a Light Jet or 1 time 12.5 Hour Cards at $49,500 *Special routes qualify

One Time Upfront Payment
The US Jetways Private Jet Card program provides access to a fleet of world-class private jet aircrafts with one simple payment for 25-hours worth of flight time deposited on a card. All you need to do is to select the type of aircraft and routes that suit your traveling needs. When you start flying, the flight time will be deducted directly from your US Jetways Jet Card balance. The cards cash balance can be applied to any aircraft type including turbo prop, helicopters as well as luxury coach bus and ground transportation.

US Jetways goes a step further to ensure your cards service offers complete satisfaction with a money-back guarantee on your jetcards. If your flight experience with USJ cards does not meet with your highest standard of expectations, a card refund will be issued upon request. In fact, if you're 25 Hour Jet Cards flying requirements change within 2 months from the date of purchase, the balance on your Jet Cards will be returned to you. USJ Jet Cards with confidence.

Other 25 Hour Jet Card Fees
Federal Excise Tax., Please speak to one of US Jetways' friendly and helpful sales consultants for the documented Jet Card agreement terms.


* US Jetways Jet Card flights are operated by aircraft and pilots under Part 135 Air Carrier. The Jet Card Program operates under the guidelines and safety rules set forth by the F.A.A.


* Price is for 2011. This amount represents the base price for 25 occupied hours, before applicable taxes, Additional terms and conditions apply. Click for details

US Jetways serves as an agent in obtaining air charter services for our Jet Card clients. We select carriers that are certified by the FAA and registered with the U.S. DOT. Carriers are solely responsible for the air transportation reserved USJ for its 25 Hour Jet Card Program clients. US Jetways does not own or operate the aircraft on which our customer's fly. US Jetsways is not a direct or indirect air carrier. All US Jetways on demand and Jet Card Program flights are operated by Part 135 air carriers.